KNMI Data Centre

KNMI Data Center (KDC) is the access point for all meteorological, climate and seismological data in the Netherlands.

An operational data portal developed for petabyte storage and data processing facilities. KDC contains a large collection of datasets that are accessible and easy to use as Open Data. KDC discloses the datasets that are available at the KNMI in a consistent way, think of the current weather observations, climate data, satellite and radar data and data from earthquakes. KDC makes the datasets available for professional users, scientists, weather amateurs, web developers and for anyone interested in data about the weather, climate and seismology.

KDC provides data in an orderly manner and provides several ways to access the datasets. The datasets are standardized and can be visualized. As a result, many data has become accessible to disciplines outside of meteorology, climatology and seismology. KDC offers possibilities to combine different KNMI datasets. A well-known example is the visualization of climate model data and temperature maps in the Dutch Climate atlas. In addition, it is becoming more interesting to combine datasets of KNMI with third-party datasets.

KDC is in operation since 2012 and is in the top 5 of Open Data providers in the Netherlands. It has a monthly average of 3500 unique users and 2.2 million data downloads. Besides the KNMI data, it also hosts 11 PBL IMAGE SSP scenario datasets for PBL (Plan Bureau voor de Leefomgeving).