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Our unique task is the gathering of information about the atmosphere and the subsurface and the translation of that information to risks to the community


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    Meet R&DSA at NAC 2019!

    This year the seismology and acoustics department of KNMI will be well represented during the 2019 Nederlands Aardwetenschappelijk Congres (NAC).
  • A map showing significant changes in river discharge between present-day and a 2°C-warming scenario

    Large ensemble climate and hydrology simulations for studies of extreme events

    Extreme hydrological events such as droughts and floods can have devastating effects on people and nature. Researchers from KNMI and Utrecht University have worked together to create a unique dataset of combined climate and hydrological model simulations that can be used to investigate these impactful events. The first results were recently published in Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Foto: Jacob Kuiper

    Probability for an Elfstedentocht is now 1 in 12 years

    Every winter the Netherlands hopes there will be another Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour). Scientists from KNMI and the Netherlands Environmental Assesment Agency (PBL) computed that the probability to have a period cold enough for an Elfstedentocht is now about 1 in 12 years, against roughly 1 in 5 years a century ago.

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The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

Is the dutch national weather service. Primary tasks of KNMI are weather forecasting, and monitoring of weather, climate and seismic activity. KNMI is also the national research and information centre for meteorology, climate, air quality, and seismology