New Hor2020 project RECEIPT will explore global climate impacts on Europe

16 januari 2019

Recently the new Hor2020 project RECEIPT, coordinated by Bart van den Hurk and Jitske Burgers (KNMI), has been approved by the European Commission.

RECEIPT (REmote Climate Effects and their Impact on European Sustainability, Policy and Trade)  will explore the effects of climate change features, such as extreme events outside Europe, on 5 different European socio-economical sectors. In this globalized world climate change features can propagate to remote areas rapidly. Our agriculture and manufacturing chains depend on imports and exports from other continents, our financial sector will be affected by disasters elsewhere, and sea level rise is by global phenomenon affecting many coastal areas simultaneously.

The project wants to explore these effects with a strong multidisciplinary team, dominated by social-economic experts. KNMI is part of the team's physical modellers that will explore climate features in designated hotspot areas, selected at the early stage of the project by the stakeholders in the project team. Using a storytelling approach, climate change perturbations will be applied to the climate features, and projected back on the European sectoral activities to map climate change impacts. A scientific assessment procedure is included in the project to further develop and improve the approach.

The project proposal has been coordinated by KNMI. Bart's transition to Deltares will lead to a change in the original coordination structure, but the scientific contribution from RDWK to RECEIPT will remain as planned. The project is currently in the contract negotiation phase, and will most likely start on June 1.