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  1. effect of reduced sea ice
    Do cold winters have an Arctic cause?

    Climate change leads to a warming Arctic and the decline of sea ice in the winter. The decrease i...

    12 augustus 2019 - News
  2. A map of Java
    A comparative verification of raw and bias-corrected ECMWF seasonal ensemble precipitation reforecasts in Java (Indonesia)

    Seasonal forecasts of precipitation are becoming an increasingly important element in decision ma...

    17 juli 2019 - News
  3. .
    30th EGOWS meeting

    The 30th annual meeting of the European Working Group on Operational meteorological Workstations ...

    06 juni 2019 - News
  4. The annual cycle of energy (wind and solar) production, demand and the shortfall.
    New research explores the meteorological sensitivity of a highly-renewable European power system

    The introduction of significant amounts of variable renewable energy (wind and solar) into the po...

    21 mei 2019 - News
  5. A figure showing the differences between model output and observations
    Global air pollution modelling: uncertainties due to chemistry modelling

    Air pollution has important consequences on human health, while atmospheric composition aspects a...

    30 april 2019 - News
  6. EGU logo
    R&D Weather and Climate Models at EGU

    R&D Weather and Climate Models was well represented last week at The European Geophysical Union's...

    15 april 2019 - News
  7. A map showing significant changes in river discharge between present-day and a 2°C-warming scenario
    Large ensemble climate and hydrology simulations for studies of extreme events

    Extreme hydrological events such as droughts and floods can have devastating effects on people an...

    04 maart 2019 - News
  8. Foto: Jacob Kuiper
    Probability for an Elfstedentocht is now 1 in 12 years

    Every winter the Netherlands hopes there will be another Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour). Sci...

    07 februari 2019 - News
  9. An atmospheric river
    The role of atmospheric rivers in compound events along the Dutch coast

    The combination of two extreme events, like heavy local precipitation and high surge levels, can ...

    25 januari 2019 - News
  10. A photo of a shipping container
    New Hor2020 project RECEIPT will explore global climate impacts on Europe

    Recently the new Hor2020 project RECEIPT, coordinated by Bart van den Hurk and Jitske Burgers (KN...

    16 januari 2019 - News
  11. Project diagram
    DOWA (Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas) project granted

    Ine Wijnant (RDWD) has succesfully led the proposal DOWA, now funded, in which ECN, KNMI and part...

    04 juli 2017 - News
  12. Karin van der Wiel (RDWK)
    Karin van der Wiel receives AGU Award

    The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has given Karin van der Wiel the prestigious James R. Holton...

    01 juli 2017 - News