R&D Weather and Climate Models at EGU

15 april 2019

R&D Weather and Climate Models was well represented last week at The European Geophysical Union's annual meeting in Vienna. Researchers from the department presented work on a wide range of topics - including energy transitions, seasonal forecasts, forest fires and sea-level rise.

Scientific conferences bring scientists, and their ideas, together. A conference provides an opportunity for scientists to share and get feedback on their research, which helps improve the quality of the work produced for the KNMI.

Attending scientific conferences is also an important networking opportunity, especially for early career researchers, as it encourages discussion with colleagues at other research institutions. This is especially important for a small research institute like KNMI, which may only has a few other people working on the same topic.

R&D Weather and Climate Models (RDWK) was well represented at the European Geosciences Union’s (EGU) General Assembly last week in Vienna. The EGU is Europe’s largest meeting for geophysical scientists, with over 16000 scientists from 113 countries attending. 

RDWK has expertise in a many aspects of our weather and climate system, with researchers focusing various topics from climate change impacts (sea-level rise, attribution of forest fires, energy security) to forecasting on a variety of time-scales (atmospheric chemistry, seasonal forecasts). RDWK contributed oral and poster presentations to over 20 submissions in many different sessions, and researchers from our group were involved in convening four sessions. 

photo of Dewi at his poster
Dewi Le Bars talking about how feedbacks between Antarctic ice sheets freshwater and subsurface ocean temperatures influence sea level rise
Folmer giving his talk
Folmer Krikken discusses the role of global warming in the forest fires in Sweden 2018

Oral presentations:

Poster presentations: 

Session convening: