Observations of internal wave turbulence using high-resolution temperature sensors (in the deep ocean)(Speaker: Speaker: Hans van Haren - NIOZ, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)

feb 20
Wanneer 20 februari 2020, aanvang 15:30
Waar Buys Ballotzaal, KNMI, De Bilt

Speaker: Hans van Haren (NIOZ, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)

An overview is presented of high-resolution stand-alone temperature observations from various mooring sites in the generally stably density stratified ocean. The stratification supports internal waves with up to 100 m amplitudes. The breaking of these waves is considered to dominate vertical diapycnal mixing in the ocean. The Eulerian mooring technique is used to monitor temperature variations by typically 100 sensors distributed over lines between 40 and 400 m long. The sensors’ unprecedented precision of 0.1 mK and sampling rate of 1 Hz are sufficient to resolve the large, energy containing turbulent eddies and details of the internal waves and their breaking. Under conditions of tight temperature-density relationship, the temperature data are used to quantify turbulent mixing. Extensive wave breaking is found above underwater topography. In this presentation key examples are shown of this turbulence process from different areas, including some surprising ones.