The future of realtime hydrological forecasting

sep 14
Wanneer 14 september 2017, aanvang 15:30
Waar Buys Ballotzaal, KNMI

Jan Verkade, Deltares

The future of real-time hydrological forecasting: a scenario study by Jan Verkade, real-time hydrological forecasting expert at Deltares Deltares, the Dutch national R&D institute for water management, has been quite successful in providing tools for and expertise in real-time hydrological forecasting to clients around the globe. To ensure equal success in the future, robust and flexible business strategies are required. As the future is uncertain, these are necessarily based on a set of scenarios that describe the environmental factors (e.g., economic, geopolitical, technological) that affect the Deltares activities. Today’s presentation will describe the process of developing the scenario analysis, the resulting five scenarios and the process of strategy development.

The report containing the scenarios may be downloaded from